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60+ Non-Clutter Gifts for People Who Don’t Need More ‘Stuff’

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Are you looking for some non-clutter gifts for the people in your life who either don’t want anything or for those who already have too much ‘stuff?’

It’s so easy to get caught up in the initial excitement of giving and receiving gifts, but the reality is, most gifts end up discarded or forgotten about two weeks later.

Many people are making the move to conscious gift-giving, which is the act of giving something that’s useful, meaningful, wanted and appreciated.

I know I certainly appreciate a gift that’s been well-thought out far more than quantity or the dollar amount.

I recently received a birthday gift from friend, totally unexpectedly. She’d put a few solar garden lights together with a hanging plant arrangement that her Mum had made and I loved it (still do)! I could genuinely feel the love and thought that had gone into the gift, which made it worth so much more than any monetary value.

You’ll notice that many of the non-clutter gifts here are things that can be consumed or experienced. While you don’t have to stick within those parameters, consumables and experiences really do make great clutter-free gifts!

Clutter-free gifts include:

  • Things that can be consumed
  • Things that can be experienced
  • Things that have a long life
  • Things that will be used many times over
  • Things that are genuinely needed and wanted

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Non-Clutter Gifts

Home Baked Treats

Home Baked Cookies

If you’re into baking, set a day aside to cook up a storm and make some delicious treats. Whether you’re putting together a gift for just one person or a group of people, baked treats make fantastic clutter-free gifts.

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Most people have at least one subscription on the go these days, at the very least Netflix. Shout someone a subscription to something they usually use or find something different that you reckon they’d really like. You can go for one month, three months or a full year.

  • Netflix
  • Gaia
  • YouTube premium
  • Disney
  • Spotify premium
  • Online magazine
  • Hello Fresh food boxes

Lessons or Classes

Is there something your family member or friend has wanted to learn for a long time, but never got around to doing it? Why not pay for a class or series of lessons as a non-clutter gift?

  • Painting
  • Dancing
  • Gymnastics
  • Surfing
  • Swimming
  • Woodwork
  • Pottery
  • Poetry
  • Basic mechanics
  • Knitting or crochet

Bedding & Linen

Every year we need (or would like to) replace pieces of our bedding, towels and linen. The reality is, we don’t always get around to it.

Gifting a set of new sheets, a doona cover and pillow cases, fresh pillows or towels is a fantastic clutter-free gift that’s going to be greatly appreciated by many people.

Browse linen on eBay.


Hamper Basket

Pick a theme and tailor-make a hamper based on what your loved one really enjoys. There are so many ideas you could go with, the list is endless!

  • Movie Night (DVDs with snacks, popcorn and drinks)
  • International Beers (a range of international beers from the bottle shop)
  • Cheese & wine (a selection of wine with cheese and crackers to complement)
  • Tea or coffee (variety of teas or coffees with a nice mug and some chocolate)
  • Pamper pack (handmade soaps, DIY bath bombs, moisturiser, face washer, candle, face mask, a magazine or book, coffee voucher or bottle of wine)
  • Beard care pack (scissors, comb, brush, balm and oil)
  • Fresh food (fruits and vegetables freshly picked from your garden or the local produce market)

Check out pre-made gift hampers on eBay.


A welcome non-clutter gift is to treat someone with a voucher to something that you know they will most definitely use. It could be something they’d never buy for themselves, or it could be somewhere you know they frequent anyway.

  • Spa day
  • Massage
  • Laser hair removal
  • Pedicure
  • Hair cut & colour
  • Shooting range
  • Golf
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Everyone needs clothing, right? Well find out what your gift recipient is really needing or wanting and get them some of those items. If you’re not comfortable in knowing the exact style or size they’d like, get a store voucher that they can use towards the items.

Clothing items to consider – underwear, socks, swimmers, hat, beanie, gloves, scarf, shorts, t-shirts, jumper, jacket, pajamas, shoes, boots, thongs (flip-flops), sandals.

Tea or Coffee

Coffee Beans

Tea or coffee is guaranteed to be used, making it one of the most ideal non-clutter gifts around! Hone into what your person’s favourite tea or coffee is and dress up the gift with a nice mug, tea infuser and some chocolate.


Get your gift recipient some tickets to something that they’d love. One ticket alone might not be that exciting for them – get two so that you or someone else can go with them.

  • Sports game
  • Festival
  • Theatre
  • Concert
  • Comedy Club
  • Theme park

Photo Book

Head over to Snapfish and put together a photo book as a non-clutter gift. They are a great gift idea for parents and grandparents in particular as they love having a collection of physical photos at their fingertips.

It can all be done on the computer, then you can get it posted out to yourself so that you can gift-wrap it, or have it delivered straight to your gift recipient.


Another great clutter-free gift is a membership of some sort. Think about the different types of memberships the person is already utilising and pay for one of those for them.

  • Gym
  • Roadside assistance
  • Sports club

Meals to Freeze

Freezer Meals

The most perfect of non-clutter gifts is the gift of food. I mean, we’ve all got to eat, right? These would be particularly appreciated by new parents, elderly people who can’t cook anymore or someone who’s just super busy/ hates cooking.

Give a day of your time to cooking up some healthy, delicious homemade meals and portion them out into containers. Pre-freeze them yourself if you have space, or plan it so that you can deliver the gifted meals the following day.


For the avid reader, a Kindle is a great non-clutter gift. If they’ve already got a Kindle, grab them an eBook voucher to add to their virtual library.

Kindle eReader
Kindle eReader (eBay) →


For those who are hugely resistant to joining the digital book bandwagon, opt for the gift of physical books instead. Thrift stores and book swaps are a great place to find loads of cheap and free books if you wanted to give them a whole stack. Or, for particular books and authors, head to eBay or Booktopia.

Plants or Flowers

A bunch of flowers is always a lovely gift because it’s rarely (if ever) something we’d buy for ourselves. You could even take it one step further and buy a potted flower that will continue to grow – a gift that keeps on giving.

Or buy them a nice indoor plant for the house. Another idea is to go for a mushroom growing kit or some growing herbs for the window sill.


Lawn Mowing Services

What better non-clutter gift to give than in the form of services! Think about the types of services someone already uses on the regular or maybe a service that they could benefit from. You don’t have to pay for the whole year, just a once-off service would be greatly appreciated.

  • House cleaner
  • Lawn Mower/ Yard Maintenance
  • Pet Groomer
  • Car Detailer
  • Baby Sitter
  • Car Service


If you know your gift recipient is into crystals or would appreciate a nice crystal, they certainly make for a beautiful clutter-free gift.

Each crystal has its own healing and energetic properties. Here are some basic crystal meanings to get your started.

Crystals (eBay) →

Family Portrait Session

My late Nana was always the one to organise the extended family portraits and make sure everyone in the family had their copies to keep the moments alive.

The gift of a family portrait session is something that will provide lasting memories for years to come. The kids are only little once and the grandparents won’t be around forever. Take the opportunity to bring everyone together and capture the moment.

Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

Okay, this may sound pretty freaking boring, but a good set of microfibre cleaning cloths will save the giftee lots of money on cleaning products throughout the coming years.

My fave brand is Norwex (nope, I’m not affiliated, I just love the stuff).

The Glass Cloth means no more paper towel and windex. The Kitchen Cloths eliminate stinky dishcloths and the Enviro Cloths replace disposable Chux.

View Norwex Cloths on eBay.

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Craft Supplies

Art & Craft Supplies

Gift the creative person in your life with some craft supplies. Tailor it to wherever their interests lie. Maybe they’re an avid knitter or right into mosaics. Find out what sorts of supplies they use and get them a stack.

View craft supplies on eBay.


For the handy folk, head to the hardware store and get them some supplies to restock the tool shed (WD-40, silicone, nails, rags, grease, tape etc.).

A starter toolkit is a great gift for young adults who are leaving home or getting their first car (tool box, hammer, cordless drill, drill bits, spanners, screwdrivers etc.)

See what tools are available on eBay.

First Aid Kit

Literally everyone (or at least every household) should have a well-stocked first aid kit. Although it’s not an overly exciting non-clutter gift, it’s very practical and would be highly appreciated in a moment of need.

A first aid kit is also a great gift for hikers, 4WDers, campers and bike riders. They should most definitely have one in their pack.

First Aid Kit
Survival First Aid Kits (eBay) →

Beer, Wine or Spirits

If you’re buying for someone who enjoys a drink, why not get them a nice bottle of wine, whisky, port or a carton of beer. Find out what their favourite flavour is (if you don’t already know) and tie a bow around that – you know they’ll love it!

Salt Lamp

Salt Lamp

Add some ambience to someone’s house or bedroom without adding any clutter. A salt lamp offers a dull orange glow, which lights up a room without being too bright.

Himalayan salt lamps are said to calm and cleanse the air in space. Perfect for night time or sleeping.

Browse salt lamps on eBay.

Picnic Rug & Basket

A good picnic set is a great non-clutter gift idea for families and people who like to get out into nature. Include a picnic rug that has a waterproof backing, plus a picnic basket with all the essentials (plates, cups, cutlery).

Have a look at the various picnic sets available on eBay.

Gift Card

A gift card is always the go-to gift to buy when you just don’t know what the hell to get for the person. At least you know that it’ll go towards something they truly want. I’m a big fan of gift cards.

Consider things that they’ll need throughout the year:

  • Petrol
  • Bottle shop
  • Coffee shop
  • Hair dresser
  • Laser hair removal
  • Groceries
  • Hardware store
  • Camping store

Jewellery or Watch

A piece of jewellery or a nice watch most definitely is a non-clutter gift as long as you tap into what the person would truly wear.

The community of regular watch-wearers has dwindled with the introduction of ‘smart’ stuff, so you could opt for a FitBit or smart watch.

Pincinox Pegs

Pincinox Stainless Steel Pegs

Stainless steel Pincinox pegs are hands-down the BEST pegs I’ve ever owned in my entire life! I know, sounds a bit dramatic for a bunch of pegs, but honestly, they are the bee’s knees.

Pincinox pegs are made by a family in France and have been around for over 40 years. The construction is one continuous piece of industrial grade stainless steel, meaning they’ll never break or rust. See ya later crappy plastic pegs that break and wooden pegs that go mouldy!

They will literally last you a lifetime (as long as you don’t lose them) and you’ll be handing them down to the grandkids.

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Pincinox Pegs work out to be about $2 per peg, but they are an investment for life. I bought a 20-pack about 4 years ago and I still have every single one, which get used daily. Next time someone says, “what would you like for your Birthday?” I’ll be kindly asking for another pack of Pincinox!

Pincinox Pegs
Pincinox Pegs (eBay) →

Bluetooth Speaker

A good quality bluetooth speaker is a very useful clutter-free gift for music-lovers. This is especially great as a teenage gift, if they don’t already have themselves a speaker.

Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth Speakers (eBay) →


You can’t get a much more non-clutter gift than an app or two. They literally take up no physical space. Have a think about the type of person you’re buying for and see if you can find a cool app that would really enhance their life in some way.

Here’s a few app ideas to get you thinking:

  • Astrology Zone (daily readings, planetary movements and learn astrology)
  • 7 Minute Workout (video workout routines with voice prompts)
  • Todoist (organisation list app with planner)
  • The Wonder Week (for new parents to see what leaps and milestones their babe is hitting)
  • WikiCamps (for camping and road tripping)

Jewellery Box or Stand

Do you know someone who likes their jewellery? Do you know how they store it?

A jewellery box or jewellery stand is a great organisational tool for displaying and keeping track of jewellery. Being able to see what they’ve got means that they’re more likely to actually use the jewellery.

Browse jewellery boxes on eBay.

An Experience

Scavenger Hunt Experience

As they say, the best gift is one of experience. Rather than adding to the accumulation of ‘stuff,’ buy your person an experience they’ll remember for years to come.

Because let’s be honest, if you asked your child what they got for their birthday three years ago, they wouldn’t have a clue. Yet, if you asked them what they did for their birthday three years ago, they’d have a much better chance of remembering.

  • Fishing charter
  • Treetop climb
  • High tea
  • Brewery tour
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Cave tour
  • Whale watching
  • Bowling
  • Ice skating
  • Escape room

Barefoot Investor

Ever since opening the pages of The Barefoot Investor book I’ve been a total convert.

I’ve read my share of money books, but this one is by far the easiest to digest. It has the simplest actions that every single person should be implementing as a normal part of life (on any income).

The Barefoot Investor
Barefoot Investor (eBay) →

We don’t get taught even the most basics about money in school, which is why I recommend everyone read the Barefoot Investor.

Gift it to everyone you know who’s actually likely to pick it up and have a flick! They’ll thank you for it. This one is for decluttering the finances and becoming money smart.

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Candles & Incense

If you know someone who’s into candles and incense, get them a few pieces to add to their home or bedroom. Candles and incense are consumables, particularly for those who actually use them, making them a nice non-clutter gift idea.

Peruse candles on eBay for ideas.

Fishing Gear

For people who like to fish, gift them some more supplies for their kit. Lures, line, sinkers and hooks are something they go through a lot of!

Have a look at the massive amount of fishing items on eBay.

Annual Pass

Theme Park

Grab an annual pass for a place you know your gift recipient would love to frequent throughout the year.

  • Museum
  • Science centre
  • Zoo
  • Theme park
  • Aquatic centre/ pool
  • Sports games

An Outing

As well as experiences, the gift of presence is one of the greatest things we can gift anyone. You could take someone out for a nice meal or pack a picnic and head to the country. Pick them up and take them for a day at the beach or a rainforest walk.

This present doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive, the gift itself is enjoying time together. I like this idea for grandparents who would love nothing more than to get out of the house for a few hours with some good company.

Wallet or Purse

A good quality wallet or purse will last quite a few years, as opposed to a cheap wallet that will end up falling apart and looking ratty.

Go for leather if they’re into that and stuff it with a $5 note for good luck.

Insulated Drink Bottle or Travel Mug

A good stainless steel, insulated drink bottle or travel mug is something we should all have. You only need one of each if they work well and you look after them.

Montiico Insulated Travel Mug Drink Bottle
Insulated Travel Mugs & Bottles →

Safety Razor

A great non-clutter gift to ensure that your person never has to buy disposable razors again is to get them a stainless steel safety razor. Add in a box of blades (which are recyclable after use).

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Safety Razor
Safety Razors (eBay) →

Power Outage Kit

Black Out, Candle

How many people are actually prepared for a power outage that goes for longer than an hour or so? Not many, I can tell you.

A great survival gift is a power outage kit. Think about torches, replacement batteries, candles, matches, portable camping stove and butane gas bottle refills. These simple items will ensure they have light, cooking and the ability to boil the kettle without power.

Get a solar lamp with charging station on eBay.

Car Cleaning Stuff

For the car buffs, get them a good quality cleaning sponge, a shammy and some Armor All. They’ll no doubt enjoy cleaning their pride and joy, so topping up the supplies will be greatly appreciated.

Coupon Book

Making a coupon book is a great DIY gift that is completely clutter-free. Kids can make a coupon gift for their family members or you can make a cheeky (or practical) one for your partner.

Coupon ideas:

  • Yard work
  • Washing the car
  • Cooking for a week
  • Servicing the car
  • Babysitting
  • Walking the dog
  • Games night
  • Massage

Calendar or Planner

There are some really cool planners around these days to suit so many different interests and hobbies. Look into getting a moon cycle planner, a gardening planner, a workout planner, an organisational planner or a money planner.

Goddess Planner
Goddess Planner (eBay) →

Planner ideas:

  • Colouring Weekly Planner
  • Goddess Planner
  • Mood Tracker Planner
  • Astrological Planner
  • Gardening Planner
  • Student Planner & University Diary

Psychic or Tarot Reading

Psychic Tarot Reading

For a quirky or fun gift, consider paying for a psychic or tarot reading on behalf of the giftee. If this is not something that they believe in or are open to, then maybe avoid this idea. But it would certainly be helpful for some to have a bit of extra insight and clarity with where they’re at in life.


A nice new school bag is a great clutter-free gift for kids. For older folk, see if they need a briefcase for work or suitcase for travel. Maybe a new handbag for the lady (or a voucher for one if you don’t know what they’d want). An overnight bag is a great idea for teenagers.

A Night Away

Treat your significant other to a night away, trust me, they’ll love it so much more than ‘stuff.’ Pick someplace in their favourite surroundings (beach, bush, mountains, country, city) and make the most of the getaway.

Line Break

Now for some non-clutter gifts for kids – because it’s actually okay for them to have their own stuff. The idea is to stick to toys that have a long life, will be used many times over and can possibly even be passed down when you’re kids grow out of them.

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Let’s face it, Lego sounds about as clutter-filled as things can get! But, hear me out. While Lego is a royal pain in the ass to clean up (see below) or step on, those tiny bricks have been a hit with kids since 1932. Yep, even in this technological age, Lego is still just as popular as ever.

With Lego, kids can let their imaginations run wild, while they create whatever their heart’s desire. Once kids grow out of Lego, you can hand it down to someone else and on it goes.

Lego Bag/ Mat

Lego Bag Mat

I remember my brother having one of these Lego drawstring bags, which opened out into a mat, when we were kids.

They offer a really fantastic way to easily pull the Lego out to be played with, then scooped back up and stored for another day, turning Lego from clutter hell into clutter-free.

Have a look at the Lego bag mats on eBay.

Board Games

As long as board games are looked after, they have the potential to bring loads of family fun for years and years. I’m pretty sure my parents still have the Monopoly that we used to play together as kids.

Here are some board game idea on eBay.

Pretend Play

For the younger kids, pretend play sets are great. You can put them away in the cupboard when they get bored with them and rotate through the toys to keep them fresh and exciting.

For a more sustainable option, try buying pretend play toys second hand from thrift stores, Gumtree and Marketplace.

  • Cash register and play money
  • Kitchen with accessories
  • Outdoor (gardening tools, mower, whipper-snipper, wheel barrow)

There are lots of pretend play sets on eBay.

Trampoline or Swing Set

A trampoline or swing set for the backyard will get the kids off their devices and outdoors for fun, physical activity and sunshine.

If you’re looking for a cheaper or more sustainable option, have a look online for a good quality second hand or near-new trampoline or swing set.

Play Dough

Natural Play Dough

Play dough always provides hours of fun for younger kids (good for ages 3 – 8). Paired with some odds and ends from the recycling and the kitchen, kids can create all sorts of things. This is always a great activity where the older siblings, parents or grandparents can help give the younger ones ideas of things to make.


For the artistic youngsters, crayons are a great non-clutter gift… provided they don’t already have 200 of them shoved in a box somewhere. I love the idea of crayons and a colouring-in book for younger kids, but only if they’re actually into colouring and don’t already have a huge stack of supplies.

Dress-up Box

For all the mini superheroes, divas and construction workers out there, a fantastic non-clutter gift is a dress-up box. Head to your local thrift stores and buy some crazy and cool outfits, costumes and accessories that you know the child will love, then put them into a dedicated dress-up box.


Tennis balls, soccer balls, basket balls, footballs, netballs, squishy balls… whatever style of activity or sport the kids are into!

A ball or two can be a good clutter-free gift idea for kids who like to get outside and kick things around or shoot hoops. You can even add a basketball or netball hoop to the list.

Night Light

Night Light

Many kids like to have some form of dim light on at bed time so that they can get their bearings if they wake in the middle of the night. There are loads to choose from these days, from little ones that plug straight into the wall socket, to lamps that sit on a table.

Younger kids might benefit from the ‘Night & Day’ lamps, which help them to regulate whether or not it’s still sleep time. Older kids can go for a starry night sky or constellation type lamp.

Check out these cool night lights (eBay).

Wooden Blocks

Good old wooden blocks are a toy that will always stand the test of time. They’re great for little ones who are learning fine motor skills and then level-up with them once they get to the imagination stage.

Even a primary-aged child will still have fun seeing how high they can stack a tower of wooden blocks.

There are some really cool wooden blocks out these days, in all shapes and colours. Browse the wooden block range on eBay.

Train Set

Another timeless kids toy is the humble train set. Wooden ones are great for sustainability, but the plastic ones do seem to last years and years, with the ability to hand them down to another family.

My son used to have a pretty extensive Chuggington train set when he was younger (I couldn’t even tell you if that show is still around), which he acquired over multiple birthdays and christmases. I actually used to have just as much fun as he did setting the whole thing up and creating a little world.



When it comes to consumable kid’s non-clutter gifts, chalk (eBay) is right up there on the list. Kids love chalk so much because when else are they allowed free range to draw all over the driveway or footpath?

Plus, it often comes packaged in a cardboard box that can be recycled or thrown into the fire once they’re finished. Done and dusted!


I’ll admit, some kids think puzzles are the most boring thing under the sun, and that’s cool. But, for kids who really enjoy sitting down with a task and ticking away at it, puzzles can be great.

Especially for the long school holidays where that dreaded phrase always comes out, “I’m bored!” Throw them a puzzle (eBay), get them started and watch as they feel a sense of accomplishment once they complete the project.

Bike or Scooter

Does the child that you’re buying for need a new bike or scooter? Both are fantastic non-clutter gifts which generally get used a lot, giving you good bang for your buck.

You can opt for brand new, or you can have a look online for a second hand bike or scooter in good knick. Pre-loved is a good idea if you’re wanting a higher quality or more expensive brand, but still within a set budget.

Gumboots & Raincoat

A set of gumboots and a raincoat is a cool clutter-free gift idea for toddlers and younger kids who’d rather be outside exploring. Just check with Mum or Dad on sizing and that they don’t already have a set.

Toy Storage

And finally, help to keep all of the toys in order by gifting a toy box or toy storage unit – an amazing clutter-free and organisational gift!

Toy Storage
Toy Storage solutions (eBay) →
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