Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps

17 simple swaps to turn your bathroom into a zero waste zone.

Pincinox Pegs Review

Review of the most robustly-made stainless steel pegs on the market.

Who Gives A Crap Review (toilet paper)

An honest review of the eco-friendly Who Gives A Crap toilet paper.

Zero Waste Baking

11 tips for eco-friendly baking with zero waste items (+ extra tips).

Best Norwex Products

My top 10 Norwex products for zero waste cleaning.

DIY Fabric Scrap Bunting

How to make a no-sew fabric scrap bunting from old clothing.

Zero Waste Hair Removal (Eco-friendly)

5 zero waste hair removal methods (both temporary and permanent).

Zero Waste Periods

Enjoy periods in a more natural way with these 5 zero waste swaps.

DIY Natural Deodorant (Zero Waste)

Easy zero waste deodorant recipe using 3 regular pantry ingredients.

Zero Waste Baby

Raise kids in a more eco-friendly way with these 10 zero waste baby tips.

Low & Zero Waste Gifts for Kids

Give the gift of respecting the Earth with these eco-friendly kids gift ideas.

Zero Waste Camping

Get back to nature without leaving a trace with these 15 zero waste camping tips.

Zero Waste Travel Essentials

Travel consciously with these 25 zero waste travel essentials.

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