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10 Best Norwex Products Worth Investing In

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About eight years ago, I was introduced to a brand called ‘Norwex.’ I had no idea who they were or what it was, but if it meant being more sustainable and replacing disposables with reusables, I was all ears.

Norwex are well-known for their anti-bacterial cleaning cloths, which totally eradicate the need for chemical cleaners.

I’ve got a stack of Norwex cloths, which I’ve been using for years and really love. They’ve really simplified my cleaning world and have honestly saved me so much money in cleaning products over the years.

Being a long-time Norwex user and after having tried a decent number of items in the range, here’s my opinion on the best Norwex products worth investing in.

[Please note, I am not affiliated with Norwex in any way, these are merely my opinions].

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What is Norwex?

Norwex cloths are made from a microfibre that is extremely absorbent. The little fibres act like ‘fingers,’ which hold the dirt, dust and debris, rather than just spreading the grime around.

Silver is embedded into all of the Norwex BacLock cloths. Silver is a natural anti-bacterial agent, which in this case, inhibits bacterial odour, mould and mildew growth. Essentially, as the cloths hang to dry, the silver gets to work eliminating the bacteria.

Not all of the Norwex cloths have BacLock though, so look out for the logo to tell which ones do and which ones don’t.

BacLock Norwex

Indicates which products contain the antibacterial agent for self-cleaning.

Norwex cloths can be washed and reused over and over again, eliminating the need for disposable cleaning wipes, cloths and chemical solutions.


There really is no need to be using chemical cleaning products in our homes as they are a waste of money and not good for our health. Did you know that chemicals actually attract more dirt to them (yep, it’s been scientifically proven)?

So, if you’re smearing a surface with a chemical cleaner, any residue that’s left will be attracting more dirt to it faster than if you’d just cleaned it with water.

Of course, this little known phenomenon suits the manufacturers perfectly because you end up needing to buy more cleaning products!

Before chemical concoctions entered our households, people were using natural solutions, such as vinegar, bicarb soda and water.

Norwex Cloth + Water = Clean

Each Norwex cloth will have a tag labelling the name of the cloth, so that you don’t get confused. You can also use the tags to hang the cloths from hooks.

Okay, now that you’ve got a bit of an idea on what the heck this stuff is, let’s get into the best Norwex products list.

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Best Norwex Products


Norwex Envriocloth (green)

Top of my best Norwex products list is the Envirocloth. This is the highly versatile, all-purpose cloth, which you can use to clean any surface you like.

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, window sills, wiping up spills, cleaning the kitchen etc. reach for the Envirocloth. You can even use it to clean windows and mirrors (more on that below).

The Envirocloths are highly absorbent and soak up the water really quickly when they’re new. As the years pass and your cloth gets older, like many other cloths, you need to really get it wet first before it’s ‘soaking up’ abilities kick in.

Norwex Envirocloths
Norwex Envirocloths (eBay) →


  • Dusting – Use it dry for dusting surfaces. The microfibre will attract dust like a magnet.
  • Cleaning – All-purpose cloth suitable for cleaning all surfaces.
  • Multiple Colours – For colour-coding different sections of the house if you wish.
  • Eliminates Chemicals – No need for cleaners with this cloth, just use water.
  • Washing – Throw into the washing machine and hang to dry.

? BacLock
Size: 35cm x 35cm

Kitchen Scrub Cloth

Norwex Kitchen Scrub Cloth (in the bathroom)

I really wish they’d change the name of the Kitchen Scrub Cloth to just Scrub Cloth. The reality is, this scrubby cloth is brilliant for cleaning anything that needs a bit of extra oomph than just a Kitchen Cloth or Envirocloth.

This cloth has more of a rough texture, making it great for budging stubborn dirt and grime.

The Kitchen Scrub Cloth is my go-to cloth for cleaning the bathroom and household sinks, as you can really get in and around the sinkhole with it.

It’s also great in the kitchen for dry food that’s been baked onto dishes, as well as pots and pans (things that you would use a scourer for).

Norwex Kitchen Scrub Cloth
Kitchen Scrub Cloth (eBay) →


  • Bathroom – Great for scrubbing the vanity, sinks and plug holes.
  • Kitchen – Helps to remove stubborn food from pots, pans and dishes.
  • Washing – Put through the washing machine with normal laundry and hang dry.

Size: 35cm x 35cm.

Window Cloth

Norwex Window Cloth

The Window Cloth is one of my personal best Norwex products ever! So much so that I’ve even gifted Window Cloths to people over the years for Christmas and every single person has never looked back.

You can think of the Window Cloth as a shammy that leaves your mirror and glass surfaces streak-free. This cloth totally eliminates Windex.

How to use the Norwex Window Cloth:

  1. Clean your glass or mirror surface with an Envirocloth.
  2. Wipe over the freshly cleaned surface with the Window Cloth to leave it streak-free.
Norwex Window Cloth
Norwex Window Cloth (eBay) →


  • Cleaning – Glass, mirrors, shower doors, crystal, granite, jewellery, stainless steel.
  • Eliminates Chemicals – No more Windex cleaning sprays.
  • Washing – Hang to dry between uses. Wash in the washing machine in a lingerie bag.

? BacLock
Size: 45cm x 45cm

Kitchen Cloth

Norwex Kitchen Cloth

The Norwex Kitchen Cloth is basically a Chux or dishcloth replacement.

I have a stack of kitchen cloths so that I can always have a clean one hanging over the tap. When it starts to feel a little “sticky,” that’s when you know it needs a wash. Just throw it into the washing machine with your next load of laundry and pull out a fresh Kitchen Cloth from your stash.

The soft fabric makes them scratch-free, so you can use them on your delicate glassware without a worry.

Having the BacLock means that as the cloth hangs to dry, the silver is getting to work eliminating germs and bacteria. It also helps to inhibit yucky smells. Keep in mind that when you use the Kitchen Cloth to mop up egg, yoghurt, ice cream and milk, you’ll need to rinse your cloth and throw it into the wash. If you leave it in the sink to keep using, you will notice it get smelly.

Norwex Kitchen Cloths
Norwex Kitchen Cloths (eBay) →


  • Dishes – Use as a dishcloth to wash dishes.
  • Benches – Leave a damp one hanging over the tap so you’ve always got something to grab for wiping the benches.
  • Spills & Messes – Use to clean up spills and messes around the house.
  • Eliminates Chux & Paper Towel – No need for disposable Chux or paper towels when you’ve got a stack of Kitchen Cloths.
  • Washing – Hang over the tap to dry between uses. Throw into the washing machine when it starts to feel “sticky,” then hang to dry.

? BacLock
Size: 35cm x 26cm


Norwex EnviroSponge

The next item in my list of best Norwex products are the EnviroSponges, which come in a pack of two.

I use the EnviroSponges solely for washing the dishes. With a spongy inside, a soft underside and a scrubby side, all bases are covered.

The sponge is highly absorbent, the soft side includes the BacLock anti-bacterial qualities, while the scrubby side give you a bit of extra elbow grease for dishes with dried food.

However, don’t feel like the EnviroSponges have to stay in the kitchen, many people use them in the bathroom as well for cleaning. Since they come in a 2-pack, you could separate them and have one in each room.

Norwex EnviroSponges
Norwex EnviroSponges (eBay) →


  • Kitchen – Cleaning dishes, stubborn pots, benches, spills etc.
  • Bathroom – Cleaning vanities and sinks.
  • Dual Use – Soft antibacterial side and rough scrubby side.
  • Washing – Air dry at the sink and use again. Throw into the washing machine for a deep clean, then hang to dry.

? BacLock
Size: 15.2cm x 10.2cm

Mop System

Norwex Mop System

The Norwex Mop System is fantastic.

With a fully manoeuvrable telescopic mop handle (pictured above), you can get right underneath furniture and around obstacles.

If you get the kit, rather than buying the items separately, you’ll get a wet mop pad and a dry mop pad. Don’t worry, they’re labelled so you won’t get confused.

The dry mop pad is really awesome for zooming around and collecting dustbunnies and pet hair from the floors. I used to use it all the time in winter when we had the fire going (lots of ash on the floorboards around the fireplace).

The wet mop pad is what you’ll use for mopping the floors. Keep in mind that these mop pads work best without chemicals. All you need to do is run the mop pad under the tap to dampen, wring dry, then attach to the velcro mop base and off you go. You can rinse it out as many times as you like, then throw into the washing machine for cleaning. Hang the mop pads on the washing line to air dry.

Norwex Mop System
Norwex Mop System (eBay) →

I recommend getting the rubber brush in your Norwex mop kit. When your dry mop pad is full of dust and hair, take it outside and use the rubber brush to brush it all off. The rubber brush is also great for brushing down couches and mats. And yes, it works much better than a regular dustpan brush because it’s more solid!

Also available is the tile mop pad, chenille dry mop pad and a recycled mop pad.


  • Telescopic Mop Handle
  • Mop Base
  • Dry Mop Pad
  • Wet Mop Pad
  • Rubber Brush

? BacLock

Lint Mitt

Norwex Lint Mitt

The handy Lint Mitt is a great reusable Norwex laundry item.

To use, rub the mitt over your clothing to remove lint, pet hair and dust from the fabric. Also great for lounges, cushions and even velvet bedding (pictured!).

The mitt is fully washable, you can throw it into a lingerie bag in the washing machine and wash with the rest of your laundry, then hang to dry.

I have the old style Lint Mitt, which is perfectly fine for my little hands, but I know it didn’t work for larger hands. It looks like Norwex have addressed that issue with the new style mitt.

Norwex Lint Mitt
Norwex Lint Mitt (eBay) →


  • Clothing & Textiles – Removes lint, dust and pet hair.
  • Washing – Machine washable, hang on the line to dry.
  • Eliminates – Disposable lint rollers.

Size: 11.5cm x 14.8cm

Dusting Mitt

Norwex Dusting Mitt

The Dusting Mitt is by far one of the best Norwex products when it comes to most popular items.

The mitt design makes dusting super easy, especially for those who procrastinate with the tediousness of dusting. Slip on your mitt and you can run your hand over shelves, skirting boards, window sills, blinds, screen doors… all of those hard to get to places.

You can use the mitt wet or dry, but I find dry microfibre is the best at attracting the dust.

Norwex Dusting Mitt
Norwex Dusting Mitt (eBay) →


  • Cleaning – Run along surfaces to rid them of dust.
  • Wet or Dry – Can be used either wet or dry.
  • Washing – Rinse any dust off, then throw into the washing machine. Hang to dry.

Size: 26cm x 14cm
? BacLock

Car Wash Mitt

Norwex Car Wash Mitt

The next in this list of best Norwex products is the Car Mitt, which is brilliant and does not require any chemical car wash cleaners.

All you need is the Car Mitt and a bucket of water, although rinsing the car first is recommended, unless you’re on water restrictions.

The mitt has two sides – one is a nubby chenille microfibre, while the other side is a spongy microfibre.

You can finish off the clean with the Norwex Car Cloth (like a shammy) for a streak-free finish.

All I’ve been using to wash my car for years now is the Norwex Car Mitt and my cars are always kept in good condition. Many chemical car cleaners actually do more harm than good to your paintwork. I’ve had comments from car-lovers I know who love the Car Mitt and actually prefer it over chemical car washes.

Norwex Car Mitt
Norwex Car Mitt (eBay) →


  • Cleaning – Car exterior and wheels.
  • Eliminates – Chemical car cleaners.
  • Washing – Rinse clean and throw into the washing machine for a deep clean. Hang to dry.

Size: 23cm x 17cm

Cleaning Paste

Norwex Cleaning Paste

If you’re after an actual cleaning product to use with your Norwex cloths, make it the Cleaning Paste.

The Norwex Cleaning Paste is a multi-purpose cleaner with the main ingredients including marble flour, chalk, natural soap and coconut oil.

It comes as a hard powder, packed into a round tub. To use, you’ll need to rub a damp Envirocloth over the cleaning paste, which you can go ahead and use to clean or polish your surface.

I’ve found the Cleaning Paste good for anywhere in the bathroom, polishing my stainless steel kettle and even cleaning up a pair of Converse.

Norwex Cleaning Paste
Norwex Cleaning Paste (eBay) →

How long does Norwex Cleaning Paste last?
Apparently you’ll get about 4,000 uses out of it. I can’t say I’ve been counting, but I’ve had my pot for quite a few years and there’s still plenty left. I don’t use for everything, just the things that a damp Envriocloth or Scrub Cloth won’t budge.


  • Good For – Glass stovetop, bathtub, vanity & taps, stainless steel, chrome, glass, porcelain, burnt pots, soap scum, carpet, fabric shoes.
  • DO NOT Use On – Brushed stainless steel, nickel, pewter, aluminium, wood, ceramic or enamel. May scratch natural surfaces like marble, granite and quartz.

Size: 200mL

So there you have it. My ten best Norwex products, which I use myself all the time!

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