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Hey, thanks for stopping by! I’m Emma, the voice behind this blog.

Throughout this website you’ll find an eclectic mix of many of the things that make up me!

In the meantime, here’s a bit of my back story…

I grew up in Brisbane, Australia in a ‘normal’ middle class family, living the conventional middle class life. The only problem was that I never felt ‘normal.’ I’ve always seen the world through a different lens and felt things on a deeper level.

Anywho, life progressed and I went on to create my own suburban life with a guy I met at the tender young age of 19. By 25 I’d had two kids and was a stay-at-home Mum, before eventually getting married at age 27.

But, I wasn’t content with the ‘white picket fence’ and struggling to make ends meet. It felt so meaningless. We sold the house and moved out to a few acres in the country. I absolutely loved it out there, but I still felt that deep sense of unhappiness and discontentment.

Things weren’t right.

Long story short, we ended up selling that second house, buying a caravan and modifying it to be a complete off-grid home on wheels.

The next few years were spent wandering the open road, homeschooling the kids, travelling and living the simple life. I absolutely loved the lifestyle and the freedom.

But, I never was able to shake that feeling within of discontentment and unhappiness. I would often hear a voice in my head saying, “You can’t run from yourself.” And yet I hadn’t even recognised that I was in fact running.

Just before my 36th birthday I left my husband.

We were about to settle down into house life again, but it was so blatantly clear to me that he was the source of my deep unhappiness. After being with the same person for so long and from such a young age, I’d failed to even recognise that the love was long gone and had simply been replaced with ‘familiar.’

During my time as a full-time nomad, I started MY RIG Adventures (a caravanning blog) to document my journey.

But somewhere along the way, I began to actually make some money from it as I learnt all that I could about blogging.

It was such a blessing for me, as it gave me the financial ability to leave my unhappy marriage and finally be able to find out who the hell I was outside of “just a Mum” and “just a wife.”

These days I’m feeling completely free for the first time in my life. I have intertwined my love of writing and organising information with a whole bunch of other passions, creating for myself my dream job!

Some topics that I’m really passionate about include being self-reliant, creating my own wealth, living in a way that doesn’t have such a heavy impact on the Earth, thinking outside of the programmed ‘normal’ and leading a well-organised life.

What you’ll find on this website:

  • Money & budgeting tips
  • Organisational hacks
  • Freethinking topics
  • Low impact living
  • Self-sustainability

If this sounds like your cup of tea, feel free to join the newsletter and follow along on Pinterest for tips and ideas.

And if you made it all the way to the end – thanks for sticking around!

Peace out,

🌿 Emma Earthwanderer

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Meet the Team


Organised Free Spirit is a solo project that I’ve been building on since its inception in 2021.

From the web design, graphics and photos, right through to the detailed articles, you’re looking at a one-woman show!

You can read a bit more about me here.

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