Who Gives A Crap Review (toilet paper)

Who Gives A Crap Review (cos someone’s gotta give a sh!t)

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So word on the street is that Who Gives A Crap is a great eco-friendly toilet paper brand, which offers better value than supermarket toilet paper. Well, being the curious creature that I am, I just had to do my own analysis and find out for myself if there’s any truth to that rumour.

I figured the best way to really put this loo paper to the test was to pit it off against Australian toilet paper mogul, Kleenex. In my Who Gives A Crap review I’ll be comparing and contrasting the two brands across a range of attributes and qualities.

Who Gives A Crap vs. Kleenex categories:

  • Where the toilet paper comes from
  • Value for money
  • Size of rolls
  • How long a 24-pack lasts
  • How the toilet paper feels
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Packaging
  • Social impacts

Let’s face it, someone’s gotta give a shit about the state of our toilet paper resources and consumption. Lets you and I be those people, my friend.

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Who Gives A Crap Review

Where does our toilet paper come from?


Much of the loo paper that you find on the supermarket shelves comes from virgin forests.

Virgin forests are old-growth forests that have never been logged. They are sometimes also referred to as primary forests, which have reached a great age without any significant disturbance.

Virgin forests cut down for toilet paper

Reportedly, around 27,000 trees are lopped each and every day to service our toilet paper needs. My mind boggles at the thought of it!

What about the ‘FSC’ Logo?

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) was created to certify sustainable wood as an international standard. You’ll often see the FSC label on toilet paper packets, to represent that the paper has been used by certified materials.

FSC Certifications:

  • FSC Mix – The entire production volume is made up of a 70% mix of fibres from FSC certified forests and/ or reclaimed timber.
  • FSC Recycled – All fibres in the product come from recycled materials, including manufacturing scraps.
  • FSC 100% – All fibres in the product come from FSC certified forests.
What is FSC toilet paper?

The problem with the FSC is that it has allegedly been tied up in many stories of corruption, under-the-table dealings and wood mining forests that are supposed to be protected.

Quite often, it can be a case of ‘greenwashing,’ simply to make the consumer feel good about their purchase, instead of it being truly earth-friendly.

My personal opinion is that the FSC image is merely a vanity logo and as a conscious consumer, I prefer to stick to companies that are actually sustainable. You can read more on the FSC issue and make up your own mind.

Bamboo & Recycled Paper

Who Gives A Crap offer both recycled toilet paper and bamboo toilet paper.

I know what you’re thinking, “wait, what! Recycled toilet paper?”

No, it’s not toilet paper that’s been recycled into more toilet paper. They actually use post consumer waste paper, which is basically used paper from schools, offices and other businesses, which gets pulped down and made into loo paper.

Where does Who Gives A Crap toilet paper come from?

Bamboo is incredibly fast growing as it is in fact a grass, not a tree. Bamboo is a much more sustainable resource for toilet paper, rather than chopping down existing forests that have taken years to grow.

You can literally have bamboo plantations, purely dedicated to creating paper to wipe our butts with, which will consistently and quickly regenerate.

For the purpose of this Who Gives A Crap review,
I tried out their RECYCLED toilet paper.

Is Who Gives A Crap Made in China?

Yes, Who Gives A Crap have set up their manufacturing operations in China, which may make their products a deal-breaker for some consumers.

Here’s why WGAC have chosen to manufacture in China…

  • Packaging – they couldn’t find an Australian supplier who could offer paper wrappers and recycled cardboard boxes.
  • Materials – Australia doesn’t have the large quantity of post consumer waste paper and bamboo that China does.
  • Manufacturers – There are only a limited number of toilet paper manufacturers in Australia and they all have their own brands. Hence, they’re not able to make toilet paper for a competitor.

The bamboo is sourced from the Sichuan province by local farmers, who grow bamboo on the borders of their farms to top up their income. The bonus is that the bamboo is purposefully grown and isn’t coming from clearing land or harvesting existing bamboo forests.

Here’s a quick look at the Who Gives A Crap lifecycle.

Who Gives A Crap Lifecycle

What about the carbon footprint of having it outsourced?

The toilet paper, once manufactured, is delivered by sea into the various ports near where the WGAC warehouses are around Australia (or whichever country you live in).

The company have had an analysis done to compare the environmental impacts of producing overseas, then getting it shipped into Australian ports, versus producing it in Australia, then sending it out across the country via road freight.

Road freight miles are 6-10 times more emissions-intensive than sea freight miles.

The results showed that there isn’t a huge difference in environmental impact whether they produce overseas and get it shipped into the nearest ports in Australia, or produce in Victoria and deliver via road across the country.

Who Gives A Crap address the Chinese manufacturing process in more depth if you want to read further into it.

Who Gives A Crap SIZE OF ROLLS

Who Gives a Crap Review (size of rolls)

The Who Gives A Crap recycled toilet paper rolls are all double length, containing 400 sheets per roll. The 3 ply sheets are 10cm x 10cm, with each box containing 24 rolls.

The Kleenex toilet paper rolls are only a single length roll with 180 sheets each. Their 3 ply sheets are also 10cm x 10cm, coming in a pack of 24 rolls.

1 x Who Gives A Crap recycled roll = 400 sheets
1 x Kleenex roll = 180 sheets


Who Gives A Crap Review

Now, this is where things get interesting.

At first glance, it would seem that WGAC is way more expensive than supermarket toilet paper. A 24-pack of Kleenex is around $11.60, while a 24-box of recycled Who Gives A Crap is $38. I mean, straight up there’s a $26 difference!


Let’s crunch the numbers to see the true price comparison (as at September 2022).

Pack size24 rolls24 rolls
Sheets per roll180 sheets400 sheets
Sheets per pack4,320 sheets/ pk9,600 sheets/ pk
Price$11.60 AUD$38.00 AUD
Price per sheet$0.0027/ sheet$0.0040/ sheet
Price per double roll$0.96 (360 sheets)$1.58 (400 sheets)

As you can see, each Who Gives A Crap roll has over double the amount of sheets than what you’ll find on a Kleenex roll. This amounts to an extra 5,280 sheets of toilet paper in a box of WGAC versus a 24-pack of Kleenex.

The price per sheet was worked out for both brands. At $0.0027/ sheet for Kleenex and $0.0040/ sheet for WGAC, it’s easy to see that WGAC is a fair bit more expensive

I’ve also calculated the price per double roll for both brands, since Who Gives A Crap come standard as a double roll.

The price per single roll of Kleenex is $0.48, so a double roll would cost $0.96. A double roll of WGAC is $1.58 ($0.62 more expensive, but with an extra 40 sheets per double roll).

1 x Kleenex double roll (360 sheets) = $0.96
1 x Who Gives A Crap double roll (400 sheets) = $1.58

All costs here are based on the regular retail prices. Who Gives A Crap offer $10 off first orders, bringing your first box down to $28. Kleenex toilet rolls are often on sale in the supermarket for $1 – $3 cheaper per pack, instead of the full price of $11.60.

Before making your final decision, read on to find out how long each pack actually lasted me.

How long does a WGAC 24-pack last?

Who Gives A Crap Toilet Paper Review

My household consists of myself and two kids (who do go to their Dad’s a few days per week). So, keep in mind that how long your toilet rolls last will depend entirely on how many people are in your household.

For the sake of this Who Gives A Crap review, I wanted to directly compare how long (in my house) a 24-pack of Kleenex rolls lasts, versus a 24-box of WGAC rolls.

This will give a good indication of which of the two purchases lasts longer – remembering that the cost per double roll was pretty much the same.


First up, I spread a 24-pack of Kleenex rolls around to all of the toilets in the house and took note of the date (making sure there were no extra rolls straggling behind).

The Kleenex pack lasted 22 days (3 weeks).


Once the Kleenex rolls were all used up, I spread the 24-box of WGAC rolls around to all of the toilets. I took note of the date and made sure that no extra rolls were available for the duration.

The Who Gives A Crap box lasted 44 days (6 weeks) – exactly double that of the Kleenex.

Kleenex 24-pack lasted me – 22 days (3 weeks)
Who Gives A Crap 24-box lasted me – (6 weeks)

Here’s a loose time-frame guide provided by WGAC:

  • 4 weeks (5 – 6 people)
  • 6 weeks (3 – 4 people)
  • 8 weeks (1 – 2 people)

How does WGAC feel?

Who Gives A Crap toilet paper

I found that when holding the two different rolls, the Kleenex feels a little more soft than the Who Gives A Crap. I put this down to two things:

  1. The embossed patterns on the Kleenex gives it a ‘fluffier’ feel.
  2. The Kleenex isn’t rolled as tightly as the WGAC, making the roll feel softer in your hands.

I find the WGAC is nice to use and tears off easily enough at the perforated line. I do find it to be thick enough and soft enough for a comfortable toilet experience.

Kleenex is definitely a little softer though, so that may be a consideration for you, if that’s super important.

In my personal opinion, the WGAC definitely feels better than cheaper brands, but not quite as soft as the Kleenex. However, the fact that I know it’s made from recycled paper, rather than supporting deforestation, is very important to me.

Who Gives A Crap PACKAGING

Who Gives A Crap review

The Kleenex rolls (and most supermarket rolls) all come wrapped up in plastic, which as we know, is pretty crappy for the environment.

Who Gives A Crap individually wrap each of their rolls in recyclable paper. It’s basically a requirement for keeping the rolls moisture-free and hygienic. The 24 rolls are then all packed up into a recycled cardboard box and delivered to your door.

The thing I love about the Who Gives A Crap wrappers are that they’re super cute! I keep all of the wrappers and add them to my gift box, to wrap future gifts in. Bonus – the wrappers get upcycled and no purchasing new wrapping paper!


Looking at both of the Kleenex and Who Gives A Crap toilet paper from a sustainability stand point, WGAC comes out in front.

Kleenex✔️ Small % of fibres sourced from reclaimed timber
? Plastic packaging
? Deforestation (including virgin forests)
Who Gives A Crap✔️ Recycled & plastic-free packaging
✔️ Recycled and sustainably sourced fibres
✔️ Larger rolls means less deliveries & freight impact


Who Gives A Crap toilet paper review

The Who Gives A Crap idea was initially created by three guys who were concerned about the fact that over 40% of the world’s population still don’t have access to a toilet. Without toilets, the waste inevitably ends up in local waterways, creating contamination. Since those same local waters are used for cleaning, drinking and bathing, the result often leads to sickness and death.

So, those three guys started a crowdfunding campaign in 2012 to raise $50,000… they ended up raising $66,548! By March 2013, their first feel-good toilet paper product was ready to launch.

To this day, 50% of Who Gives A Crap’s profits are donated to non-profit organisations. Those groups work on providing hygiene, water and basic sanitation in developing countries.

As I’m writing this Who Gives A Crap review, the company has donated almost $11 million, with a lot more to go.

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Is Who Gives A Crap for you?

Who Gives A Crap toilet paper

Okay, after reading through the Who Gives A Crap review, you might be still trying to decide if this toilet paper is for you or not.

Ultimately, the cost of WGAC works out to be about 1.5 times more than the premium Kleenex toilet paper, but it kinda feels more like the cheaper brand stuff.

Keeping the price in mind, WGAC lasted exactly twice as long as the Kleenex did. So, you’re buying 2 packets of supermarket toilet paper to every 1 box of WGAC.

However, most supermarket toilet paper (Kleenex included) comes from cutting down forests, while WGAC comes from recycled paper or sustainable bamboo.

Who Gives A Crap is made in China, whereas many of the toilet paper brands on the shelf are made in Australia.

It all comes down to what’s most important to you and where your personal line is, ethically speaking. Is Australian made the most important thing to you? Maybe deforestation is a firm ‘no’ for you, or maybe it’s simply the softest toilet paper that wins the day.

Here are some pros and cons to help you decide on which toilet paper is the best for you and your family.

Who Gives A Crap✔️ Uses recycled paper/ bamboo
✔️ Plastic-free packaging
✔️ Donates 50% profits to aiding better hygiene in developing countries
✔️ Set-and-forget delivery cycle
❌ Not as soft as Kleenex
❌ Can’t get it in the shopping
❌ Made in China
❌ More expensive option
Kleenex✔️ Very soft
✔️ Easily accessible at the supermarket
✔️ Made in Australia
✔️ Cheapest option
❌ Sourced through deforestation
❌ Plastic packaging
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Ordering Who Gives A Crap

Who Gives A Crap toilet paper (review)

Look, I know. Who the hell has time to make sure they’re always on top of their toilet paper deliveries? Not many people.

Here’s how it works.

You head to the website and set up an automated order. The payment comes straight out of your linked bank account. If you have a separate account that has periodic payments coming out, you could put enough money in there each pay cycle to cover you order, then you don’t even have to think about it.

Then bam, each month or two the toilet paper appears on your doorstep as if by magic! Easy as.

If you’re not sure how often to order, below are the Who Gives A Craps recommendations (which you’ll also find on the ordering page). Don’t stress, you can cancel or postpone your order at any time, if you’ve still got plenty of loo rolls left.

How often to orderNumber of people
4 weeks5 – 6 people
6 weeks3 – 4 people
8 weeks1 – 2 people

$10 Off

If you click the link below you’ll get $10 off your first order, so take advantage!

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