DIY Fabric Scrap Bunting

DIY Fabric Scrap No-Sew Bunting (from Old Clothes!)

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One of the easiest and cheapest home decor additions you can make is a DIY fabric scrap no sew bunting from your old clothes, sheets, scarves etc. A fabric scrap bunting also makes a beautiful decoration for holidays and birthdays.

All you’re going to need is some cord, rope or thick twine (whatever you’ve got lying around the house), some scissors and old fabrics that you can cut up.

How to make a bunting from old clothes:

  1. Gather fabric scraps, scissors and cord
  2. Cut a length of cord
  3. Cut a paper template
  4. Use the template to cut up your fabric strips
  5. Arrange the pattern so it’s aesthetically appealing
  6. Knot the fabric strips onto your cord
  7. Tie loops in the end of the cord
  8. Hang and admire!

Essentially, you’ll be cutting out strips of fabric and knotting them onto the cord in a pattern of your choosing.

It’s really as easy as that, so let’s get into it!

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How to Make a Fabric Scrap Bunting


Fabric Scrap Bunting Supplies

To make your fabric scrap bunting, you’re going to need some fabric that you can cut up into strips. Think old clothing, table covers, scarves, sheets and so on.

I rustled up a t-shirt that my daughter had outgrown, an old holey silk scarf, an Op Shop skirt that I’d never worn, plus some lace offcuts, which I had.

Macrame Cord
Macrame Cord (found on eBay) →

Along with the fabric, you’ll need something to knot the fabric pieces onto. Rope, cord, ribbon or whatever you’ve got laying around will do. I couldn’t find anything appropriate, so I bought a 12m length of macrame cord for $5, which will come in handy for future projects.

Don’t forget some scissors to cut the fabric strips.


◆ Scrap fabric
◆ Length of cord, ribbon or rope
◆ Scissors

STEP 1: Cut a template

Fabric Scrap Bunting (cut the template)

The first step for getting your fabric strips fairly similar in size is to cut out a paper template.

The size of your strips is entirely up to you, but to give you an idea, I cut a strip off the side of a piece of A4 paper to use as my template.

Remember, the fabric strips are not going to be perfect and they’re not meant to be. This is just to help give you a guide for the sizing as you’re cutting.

STEP 2: Cut your cord length

Scrap Fabric Bunting

The next step in your fabric scrap bunting is to cut your cord length to however long you want to have it.

If you want it to hang between two particular points, measure it out, including how far down you want it to droop. Don’t forget to allow for a loop at each end to be able to attach or hang the bunting.

My cord length was about 1.3 metres (51 inches) long.

Once you’ve cut your cord, tie a loop in each end so that you can hang up your masterpiece as soon as it’s finished!

STEP 3: Cut the fabric strips

Scrap Fabric Bunting strips
Fabric Scrap Bunting (cutting strips)

Now you can use your paper template to start cutting up the strips of fabric that you’ve chosen.

Place the template on top of the fabric and loosely cut out the shape.

Remember, this bunting has nothing to do with perfection and everything to do with rustic! Don’t worry about jagged edges and odd shapes, they’ll go completely unnoticed once it’s all put together. Anyways, the imperfections all add to the charm.

The bunting pictured in this post has 6 different fabric variations, using 12 strips of each different fabric – that’s for a 1.3 metre length cord.

How long you want to make your bunting will determine how many strips of fabric you’ll need. Once you get going, you’ll soon figure out if you need to cut more as you go.

STEP 4: Arrange your pattern

Fabric Scrap Bunting (strips and supplies)

Once you’ve got a pile of strips cut for each piece of fabric that you want to use, it’s time to arrange them in the order that you like.

Play around to get a nice combination of colours, without having anything clash with its neighbour.

STEP 5: Knot the fabric strips onto the cord

How to make a Scrap Fabric Bunting

To knot the fabric strips onto the cord, you need to…

  1. Fold a fabric strip in half and lay it underneath the cord.
  2. Pull the two ‘tails’ over the cord and push them through the hole at the top of the fabric.
  3. Pull on the ‘tails’ to tighten the knot.
  4. As you’re tightening the knot, hold the cord out straight to stop it from bunching up (pic below).
How to make a Fabric Scrap Bunting

Then move onto the next piece of fabric in your line-up of colours and continue until your cord is almost full.

After you add each new strip of fabric, simply slide it along the cord to butt it up against the previous piece.

Alternatively, you might like to leave a little gap between each fabric and space them out.

Fabric Scrap Bunting

Some people also like to leave a gap of cord at each end, while others prefer to take the fabric scraps right up to the loops.

Whichever way you like, there is no right or wrong here.

And that’s it, now you’re ready to hang your bunting!

How you hang your bunting is totally up to you. Mine isn’t too heavy and is hanging easily with a thumb tack through each loop. You could also hang it off hooks.

Fabric Scrap Bunting
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Uses for Fabric Scrap Buntings

The number of uses for fabric scrap buntings is really as limited as your imagination.

You can tailor the patterns and colours to suit certain occasions and holidays (such as a Baby Shower or Christmas party).

Maybe you want to spruce up the kids bedroom or cubby with a bunting or two without having to spend much money.

Fabric buntings also make great gifts, especially for those who appreciate handmade items.

Here are some ideas for when and where to use fabric buntings:

  • Baby showers
  • Holiday decorations (e.g. Christmas & Easter)
  • Graduation party
  • Birthdays
  • Spruce up the living room or bedroom
  • Kids rooms and cubbies
  • Outdoor living areas
  • GREAT Handmade gift idea!
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